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brief introduction: Brief introduction: Adopted waste heat boiler to collect waste heat, and has been widely used in industry for nearly 20 more years
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Product introduction

Industrial furnaces use a variety of furnaces, such as furnaces, converters, reverberators, boiling roasters, rotary kilns, etc. These furnaces consume a lot of fuel. Their thermal efficiency is very low, generally only about 30%, and was high temperature flue gas, high temperature slag, high temperature products such as heat away as high as 40 to 60%. Which can be used in the metallurgical aspects of about one-third of fuel consumption, machinery, glass, paper and other aspects of more than 15%. The use of waste heat boiler to recover the waste heat method has been used for nearly 20 years in various industrial sectors..

According to the different requirements of the user, our company can design a variety of waste heat boiler, according to the number of steam pressure generated is divided into: only the production of a pressure level steam single pressure level waste heat boiler, can produce two different pressure levels of steam pressure Class waste heat boiler.

Main Category:

Vertical modular waste heat boiler

Applicable to cement, metallurgy (steelmaking, sintering machine ring cold), large gas turbine industry

Channel type waste heat boiler

Applicable to zinc concentrate, medical waste incineration and other dusty toxic and harmful gases in the industry

Pre - settling type waste heat boiler

Applicable to copper smelting and other industries

Heat pipe type waste heat boiler

Applicable to sulfuric acid, small glass and other industries

Performance advantage


1, the use of the production process of waste heat generated steam, can enable enterprises to save energy and improve efficiency.

2, waste heat boiler compact structure, good sealing performance, no environmental pollution, the system resistance is small, easy to operate, safe and reliable, to ensure full recovery of waste heat.

3, waste heat boiler can be designed according to the user's process parameters.

I designed and manufactured 20 ~ 160t / h blast furnace gas waste heat boiler using natural circulation, N-type layout, single drum, before the hanging after the support structure. Blast furnace gas burner using my company's unique ring-shaped eddy current burner, combustion efficient and stable. Furnace with full film water wall, sealed and reliable. Superheated steam temperature control using water spray cooling device, thermostat quickly and accurately. The boiler has a simple structure, reasonable layout, reliable performance characteristics.

technical parameter

Rated evaporation: 20~160t/h
 Rated steam pressure: 3.82Mpa
Drum work pressure: 4.4Mpa
Rated steam temperature: 450℃
Feed water temperature: 105℃
Discharge smoke: 143℃
Boiler thermal efficiency: 88%