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  • Circulating fluidized bed boiler

Circulating fluidized bed boiler

thermal efficiency:
lean coal, anthracitic coal,bituminous coal, brown coal
Applied range:
central heating, winter heating, progress-steam hot water supply
brief introduction: The technology of circulating fluidized bed boiler is developing rapidly in the nearly decade with characteristics of high efficiency low pollution and clean combustion. In international market, 
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Product introduction

Based on strong technical force, through its own practical application, cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of thermal physics, the company adopted technology introduction and independent research and development which produce the 35t / h - 480t / h circulating fluidized bed boiler products.  The circulating fluidized bed boiler is a highly efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and low emissions and other advantages product. The boiler has the advantages of wide applicability to burn lignite, anthracite and other low-quality coal and coal, coal gangue, with thermal efficiency and combustion efficiency is higher than the characteristics of conventional boilers.


Performance advantage

product advantage

1. Wide fuel adaptability, both high-quality coal combustion, but also combustion of poor fuel.

2. Combustion efficiency is high, slag fuel only 1% -2%.

3. Combustion pollution emissions are low, up to 90% of the desulfurization efficiency.

4. High combustion strength, furnace structure optimization, high heat load per unit section.

5. Reactor device resistance is low, high flow rate, small air volume.

6. Optimized the structure of the separator inlet flue and center tube.

7. Load adjustment range, load adjustment fast, and a wind and reactor wind can be adjusted independently.

8. The use of new non-leaking hood

Main economic indicators:

Low fuel consumption---lower 4% than that of fluidized bed boilers

Low power consumption--- lower 10% than the fluid bed boiler or more

Low wear rate - overhaul period of more than three years.

High stability - yearly continuous operation hours up to 8000 hours

technical parameter