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Pulverized coal boiler

Thermal efficiency:
Applicable fuel::
bituminous coal, anthracite, lean coal, brown coal
central heating, winter heating, process steam hot water supply
brief introduction: Pulverized coal boiler, improve the burning rate of coal, energy efficient, simple start and stop. composed by furnace, burners, ignition devices and other components.
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Product introduction

Pulverized coal boiler is my company's conventional boiler. Through its own practical application, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of thermal physics, introducing technology and independent research and development combined to form a 65t / h - 520t / pulverized coal boiler series product. The pulverized coal boilers produced by our company are known for their low density, low pollution, high combustion efficiency and high thermal efficiency. They are energy saving and environment friendly products. They are suitable for lean coal, bituminous coal, lignite, etc. Solid-state slagging of various fuels and liquid slagging pulverized coal boilers.

Performance advantage

product advantage

1. To provide users with specialized design of coal boiler.

2. Combustion efficiency is high, slag fuel only 1% -2%.

3. The use of proprietary low-nitrogen burner, combustion pollution emissions are low, nitrogen oxide emissions concentration of less than 50% of ordinary burners.

4. High combustion efficiency, furnace structure optimization, according to the coal design of different furnace section heat load, furnace volume heat load, furnace wall heat load.

5. The furnace does not coke.

6. Good sealing, good insulation effect.

7. Exhaust gas temperature of 120 to 130 degrees, high thermal efficiency.

8. Heating surface is not fouling, heat transfer effect is good.

Key economic indicators:

Low fuel consumption is lower than that of fluidized bed boilers

Low power consumption than the fluid bed boiler 10% or more

Low wear rate - overhaul period of more than three years.

High stability - year continuous operation hours up to 8000 hours

technical parameter