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In the denitrification and desulphurization transformation project, the SO2 in the flue gas is increased by the action of the catalyst, and the acid dew point is increased, which aggravates the corrosion of the air preheater.
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Product introduction

The air preheater is a heat exchange device that uses the flue gas waste heat to heat the combustion air. The air preheater is located in the lowest temperature of the boiler flue gas, recovers the heat of the flue gas, reduces the exhaust gas temperature and improves the boiler thermal efficiency. At the same time, the air required for combustion is preheated to increase the initial temperature of the fuel and air which strengthen the fuel burn and combustion process, reducing the fuel heat loss, and further improve the boiler thermal efficiency. Its working principle is: flue gas will pass the heat to the heating surface, the heating surface will transfer heat to the air, so that the air is heated, increased the temperature to complete According to experience, when the air in the preheater temperature rise of 1.5 ℃, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced by 1 ℃. After installing the air preheater in the boiler flue, if the air can be preheated 150 ~ 160 ℃. You can reduce the exhaust temperature of 100 ~ 120 ℃, the boiler thermal efficiency can be increased by 7% to 7.5%, can save fuel 11% to 12%.

Our company has accumulated years of experience of air preheater design, production, installation, operation, developed a Hengtao brand air preheater series products: enamel air preheater Series of products, non-enamel air preheater products based on different types of boiler flue gas composition and operating characteristics. At present, the air preheater series has become one of our leading products, widely used in various industrial boilers and power plant boiler tail heating surface, and in 2006 was named Shandong brand-name products. And established a good business relationship with hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises and become Ji boiler, Tai boiler, Zheng boiler, Hangzhou boilert, Hangzhou boiler, Chuan boiler, wuxi boiler,nanfang boiler,tang boiler,wuhan boiler's etc 's assmebly supporting units suppliers. 

Performance advantage

1, The modern power plant usually adop heat recovery cycle, the water supply by the various levels of heaters, the temperature is relatively high, all economizer outlet of smoke is still relatively high. To reduce the exhaust gas temperature, improve the efficiency of the boiler, save fuel and need to install the air preheater. Flue gas heat the cool air to reduce flue gas temperature. The test shows that the exhaust gas temperature lower 10 ℃ and can increase boiler efficiency by 1%.

2, The air is heated to a certain temperature and transfer to boiler furnace and increase temperature of the furnace which improve the condition of fuel fire and combustion condition, improve after the furnace into the furnace to improve the temperature level, so that the fuel ignition and combustion conditions have improved, the furnace can be burning and burning quickly, burning completely, so that the machine is not completely burning Loss of q4 and chemical incomplete combustion loss g3 have been reduced, so that the boiler efficiency. So to improve the air temperature, improve the combustion conditions, reduce the incomplete combustion loss is another aspect.

3, to improve the furnace temperature, increase the furnace heat transfer. The high temperature of the hot air into the furnace, the furnace temperature level increased, thereby increasing the furnace heat of radiation, so that the boiler evaporation increased. Under certain evaporation, the evaporation surface in the furnace can be reduced and the metal consumption of the boiler can be reduced.

4, The boiler exhaust temperature is reduced, so that the inlet fan temperature decreases, so to improve the working conditions of the induced draft fan, but also reduces the power consumption of the induced draft fan. So to improve the working conditions of the draft fan is also an essential aspect.

technical parameter