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Enamel tube air preheater

Enamel tube, enamel corrugated board is a heat transfer element with characteristics of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, smooth surface and not easy to fouling. It is roasted at high temperature by pasting enamel powder evenly on the surface of low carbon steel pipe.

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Product introduction

In the boiler flue, the air preheater low temperature heat exchanger corrosion, dust blocking problem has been plagued by the boiler safe and economical operation.

In the denitrification and desulphurization transformation project, the chance of  SO2 converted to SO3 is increased by the action of the catalyst, and the acid dew point is increased, which aggravates the corrosion of the air preheater.

NH3HSO4, ammonium bisulfate and ammonium hydrogen sulfate are liquid in the temperature range of 146 ℃ ~ 207 ℃, and the ability of liquid ammonium sulfate to capture fly ash is very strong, and it will combine with the fly ash. Ash particles combined, attached to the preheater heat transfer element to form molten salt-like fouling, resulting in the preheater corrosion, blocking ash.

Enamel tube, enamel corrugated board is the heat transfer element with characteristic of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, smooth surface not easy to fouling. it is the enamel paste or enamel powder evenly coated on the surface of low carbon steel pipe, made by high temperature roasting. It is roasted at high temperature by pasting enamel powder evenly on the surface of low carbon steel pipe.

It is widely used in the treatment of boiler flue heating surface corrosion, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification heating surface modification and a variety of corrosive gas environment in the heating surface transformation. Our main products are enamel pipe air preheater, enamel corrugated sheet heat exchanger, enamel abrasion casing and so on.

Enamel Standard:

Q / 0785GHT001-2012 "enamel steel pipe air preheater"

HT / JWB2014-2013 "rotary air preheater for (storage) thermal components and basket manufacturing technical conditions"

Shandong Hengtao has established a professional enamel research and development center, specializing in air preheater low temperature corrosion for more than 20 years. According to different flue gas composition and boiler operating conditions, Hengtao developed a special enamel glaze for denitrification usage; glaze for CFB and pulverized coal fired boiler; glaze for garbage incinerator and biomass stove furnace; glaze for fuel and coke oven gas boiler. This was awarding 30 national patents, passing through the identification of provincial scientific and technological achievements and become the plant supporting units of East boiler, Wuxi Huaguang, Huaxi energy, Hangzhou boiler, Nantong and other boiler plant, a national power Longyuan, Wuhan Long net, Xuzhou gas control and other denitrification companies preferred cooperative units.

Performance advantage

After repeated tests and analysis, our research and development personnel has developed a new type of acid corrosion material, baked in the steel pipe on the inner surface or outer surface, compared with normal steel pipe box, it has the following advantages.

1, enamel steel pipe with acid corrosion, flue gas erosion, anti-fly ash wear, long life and other advantages, boiler preheater's maintenance interval greatly extended, reducing investment in air preheater;

2, enamel tube surface is smooth, not easy to adhere to ash, ash heat resistance is small, the smoke flow resistance is small, the wall temperature rise, and increase heat transfer intensity, so that the total heat transfer increases, improve the boiler thermal efficiency and save much cost.

3, Regarding normal steel air preheater, after a long operation due to fouling and other reasons which results in greatly reduced heat transfer effect. The enamel tube surface is smooth, not easy to fouling after long time of running and the effect of heat transfer is basically the same.

4, The base tube for enameling is generally Q195 low carbon steel. 

Now after constantly improved enamel formulations and enamel technology, our company solve the problem of corten steel which exist chipping, enamel porcelain hard to adhere to and so on. The choice of base tube can be low carbon steel, corten steel, ND steel etc and expand the life span of enameled tube.  

The normal steel pipe preheater exist the problem of easy fouling, bad abrasion after a running period which affect the operation of the boiler. But problem is rarely happening by usage of enamel tube air preheater and reduce the cost of maintenance greatly.

The above advantages are unique of our enameled steel air preheater. At present, our company is a completed production supplier for Dongfang Boiler Factory, Huaxi Energy, Sichuan Boiler Plant, Jigao Group, Hangzhou Boiler Factory, Taishan Group (Boiler), Wuxi Boiler Factory, Tangshan Boiler Plant and many other boiler production plants and achieved good economic benefits.

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