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Chairman of Hengtao Group Fang Xitao was awarded as One of the Top Ten New Entrepreneurs in Gaomi

  Recently, Gaomi City Bureau of Confidence announced Gaomi "Top Ten Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year", Fang Tao, chairman of Heng Tao Group was named one of the top ten "Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year."

Each of these ten year's figures is proud to be one of the most innovative and benchmarked entrepreneurs in the high density economic circle by incorporating Internet innovations, or marketing model innovations, technology product innovations, or content management innovations And business.

In the future work, Hengtao Group will continue to uphold the pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation of the entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to continuous technological innovation to promote the development of enterprises, committed to becoming energy-saving environmental protection at home and abroad, intelligent application services industry drivers, Pioneer, continuously improve the ability of innovation and technology. Do a good job in benchmarking enterprises, to promote high-density economy faster and better development for Gaomi city.