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Jilin Hengtao group was rewarded title of Jilin city science and technology giant.

Recently, Hengtao Group Branch - Jilin Hengtao Energy saving& Environment Protection Co., Ltd. won the "Jilin City Science and Technology Giant" title.

   "Science and Technology Giant Project" means a science and technology enterprise engaged in the product development, production, operation and technology (engineering) services in the high-tech fields in line with the industrial development direction of the country and the municipality. It should have: a more complete enterprise innovation system, innovation mechanism and its corresponding scientific research input; independent intellectual property brand products; certain economic scale and good development; good credit and strong financing ability. Its characteristics are innovative, scale and demonstrative.

All along, Hengtao Group insists on promoting the development of the enterprise through constant technological innovation. With the enterprise spirit of pursuing excellence and continuous innovation, Hengtao Group is devoted to become the driver and forerunner of energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligent application service industry at home and abroad, and continuously improve innovation Ability and technology. In future work, Hengtao Group will continue to accelerate the pace of technological innovation and product innovation of enterprises and establish a scientific and technological innovation system combining production, study and research to create an innovative team of qualified personnel and optimize the environment for innovation of qualified personnel. In order to promote Jilin Province's economic growth and transformation and upgrading to become the "new impetus" of economic development and the "leader" of innovation and upgrading.