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Gaomi Municipal Committee, Mayor Wang Wenqi visited our company

On February 9, Wang Wen qi, deputy secretary and mayor of Gaomi together with leading members of the government visited our company and gave guidance on the work of "Kite Capital Industry Leading Talents". Fang Xitao, the chairman of the board of Hengtao group make brief introduction of Hengtao’s development status during these years and development direction which were highly appraised by Major Mr.Wang Wenqi.

Mayor Wang Wenqi also said that as one of the top-level leaders in Gaomi City, Fang Xitao, chairman of the board, should always maintain the passion and vitality of business and play an active role in promoting the development of high-density economy. Encourage enterprises to create a good environment for the development of qualified personnel, to ensure that enterprises attract talent, retain them and make good use for the economic and social construction of Gaomi city, forge ahead and also sent blessing of new year on behalf of the municipal government to hengtao group.