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Do not forget the beginning, continue to move forward

On Feb. 3rd, 2018, 2017 Hengtao Group annual work summary and commendation ceremony and the 2018 welcome party was held. Fang Xiantao, Chairman of Heng Tao Group, together with top leaders of the group, summed up the achievements and experience gained in 2017 and deploy key task for 2018! And recognize outstanding employees over the past year.

In 2017, faced with the complicated domestic and international economic situation and industry development trend, Hengtao Group adhered to the general tone of progress in seeking progress while making progress steadily, scientifically planned and steadily implemented, all work progressed in an orderly manner, the industrial layout became increasingly clear and the main industries were fully realized upgrade, subsidiary industries to achieve a breakthrough,

A diversified business segment is gradually formed and the industrial layout is increasingly clear.

In recent years, with continuous investment and expansion of the Group and the commencement of operation of related projects in Jilin, the diversified sectors such as energy saving, environmental protection, heat supply, machinery and equipment, and retail have gradually taken shape and the industrial layout has become clearer and clearer with a strong market and social influence.

First is the formation of the main industries of energy-saving environmental protection plate. And for the main industry to provide experimental and display platform heating plate. Jilin Hengtao Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park project construction, the current period has been successfully put into operation the construction of the city government to become one of the key support enterprises, development planning by the state and Jilin provincial government departments highly recognized, successfully selected the first batch of "Ministry of Industry Manufacturing Service-oriented model enterprise ", pilot model enterprise integrating provincial and municipal integration (smart manufacturing), small giant enterprise in municipal science and technology, and municipal enterprise technology center recognized as a city-level enterprise technology center with ample potential for development and extensive social influence.

In the past year the company has been rewarded as the integration of Shandong Province, two demonstration enterprises, the state AAA-credit enterprises, the province's first small and medium enterprises "stealth champion" enterprises, "Shandong Province intellectual property demonstration enterprises".

In 2017, Shandong Hengtao successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Shandong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Chinese Academy of Sciences and organized seminars for the boiler industry in Qingdao and Jilin, and become the vice chairman unit of the Association for Thermal Power Industry of the Energy Conservation Association. The brand has gained wide acceptance. Jilin Hengtao signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement successively with Northeastern University of Electric Power, Yang Tianliang studio, the path of cooperation between industry, learning and research is more and more profound.

2018 is the profits breakthrough year of Hengtao Group. Taking the "Five Big Development Ideas" as the guiding ideology of enterprise development, we will take benefit as the center, market as the guide, technology as the core, quality as the foundation and management as the guarantee .

Adhere to "one center, two changes, three strengthened, four unwavering, five new breakthroughs." Adhere to the benefits as the center, strengthen the building of enterprise culture, promote the ideological and working style change, and effectively enhance the cohesion, centripetal force, promote the healthy development of enterprises and the harmonious development. Correct working attitude, and strengthen teamwork to ensure that all tasks down to the letter.

In the new year, new breakthroughs will be made in the field of main industry marketing, technological innovation, product quality, production efficiency and cost control.

In 2018, Hengtao Group has already stood at a new historical starting point, marched into a new era, embarked on a new journey and faced new challenges and opportunities. All of us are closely united, don’t forget the beginning, continue to move forward, not in the imagination, not less than the virtual voice, step by step, down-to-earth and do a good job, full playing ring Hengtao the development of the new era of triumph, work hard in order to accelerate the realization of the new glory of Hengtao!