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Warmly congratulate Hengtao Chairman Fang Xitao won the integration of advanced two individuals

On December 28, under the guidance of the Shandong Provincial Commission of Information and Economic Commission and Shandong Provincial Integration and Promotion Center for Regionalization, the "Summary Meeting of Shandong Province in 2017 for the Integration of the Two Fields of Integration of Two Industries" was held in Jinan. Shandong Economic Commission, the city by the letter department, Shandong CIO representatives and representatives of nearly 200 enterprises attended the meeting, Shandong Hengtao Group Chairman Fang Xitao comrades was named "Shandong Province integration of advanced individuals" and presented Trophies and certificates.

 In recent years, under the leadership of the chairman of Fangtaotao, all members of Hengtao Group of Shandong Hengtao Group, led by Fangtaotao, are proactive, pioneering and innovative, speeding up the construction of enterprise informatization and become the advanced representatives of enterprise informatization construction in Shandong Province, Create a "smart" made of innovation and transformation.

The successful election of Chairman Fang Xitao, the chairman of our group, to the honorary title of "Integration of Advanced Individuals in Annual Integration of Two Provinces in Shandong Province" is both a highly affirmation and encouragement for the development direction of our group. It is even more a challenge. In the future, Hengtao Group will move fast in the direction of informationization, lead the development with science and technology and innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in an all-round way and lead the Group to new glories!