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Congratulations Hengtao Group was selected in the province Invisible Champion business

Congratulations Hengtao Group was selected among the first batch of small and medium-sized enterprises in the province, "Invisible Champion" business


In order to implement the spirit of the conference on transformation and upgrading of innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the province, according to the "Notice on Recommended Work for Invisible Champions" (Lu Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau [2017] No. 37) 315 municipal enterprises and relevant provincial industry associations recommended third-party institutional review, Provincial Bureau decision, Jinan Haitai New Materials Co., Ltd. 315 enterprises included in the province's SMEs "invisible champion" database; Shandong Heng Tao Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. Etc total 98 Home businesses for the province's first batch of SMEs "stealth champion" business.

"Invisible Champion" title of the company, valid for 3 years. It will be reviewed by the  provincial bureau after expiration. The title of the enterprise will be abolished for re-confirmed unqualified enterprise.

With the continuous development of our company, the core technology and technology of the enterprise are continuously improved. The first thing to do is to improve our own quality, diversify and globalize the enterprise and build a worldwide marketing network so that we can step out of China Market and go forward to the world.

Second, Hengtao Group will focus on scientific and technological innovation, increase investment in research and development, re-positioning itself, innovation based on market and technology, and building core competitiveness. Enterprise technological innovation must be linked to the needs of the client. At the same time, we must pay attention to improve the quality of the employees, educating and training the employees constantly, strengthening the employee loyalty to the enterprise and increasing the market competitiveness of the enterprise. Promote enterprises to pay attention to brand building, and constantly expand market share and further to make it exquisite, specialized and stronger.