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Spiral finned tube market prospects

Our company's spiral finned tube production equipment is based on absorption of the United States advanced spiral finned tube production technology and invented and developed the spiral finned tube high-frequency welding equipment. The equipment has advanced technology, reliable quality, high degree of automation. At the same time, the technology belongs to the industrialization of the results, is a dense high-tech, the application of the technology to fill the gaps in the country and has a very good market prospects.

Our company introduced three domestic large-scale spiral finned tube CNC automatic welding production line and the corresponding supporting processing, assembly and other equipment, can achieve annual production capacity of 15,000 tons. The device uses PLC program control, the production process to achieve automatic control, product quality, welding quality and stability. At the same time, due to the advanced technology equipment, high product quality, product specifications, can produce a variety of economizers, heat pipes, large heat exchangers and so on.

The project has great market potential and broad prospects. At present, our company has signed a cooperation agreement with Jinan Boiler Factory, Zhengzhou Boiler Factory, Tangshan Boiler Factory, Wuxi Boiler Factory and other large boiler manufacturers to provide a broad space for the development of the company.