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There is a cause that spans time and space,

There is a spirit, it Aoxue snow, showing "Hengtao people" unyielding backbone;

Twenty years of ups and downs written countless "Hengtao people" story, and flash "Hengtao people" relentless pursuit;

Time to testify, the sun and the moon as partners. "Hengtao people" mercilessly enaged in a solemn cause of mankind in pursuit of excellence and contribution to society

Save energy and wealth for future generations and create a clean water blue sky ... ...

The Great River eastward flows, with its waves are gone all those gallant heroes of bygone years. Surging the forefront of the times, looking ahead, that many stories and legends have passed away,

And "Hengtao people" 's cause of human energy and environmental protection is there, with beautiful blue sky is still bright and clean, the air is still fresh.

Willing to extend the most sincere heart to thank friends from the past, present and future time who care for Hengtao career.